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Katie Pruitt - Expectations from the new album Expectations on Rounder Records

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Directed by: Matt Bizer

Somedays I can’t get outta my own head
You could start by getting outta bed
She said
One day you know we’ll both be dead
So why don’t we do some living

Some days I don’t know who to trust
In the rain my spirit starts to rust
She said you’re being way too generous
With all the fucks you’re giving

Ooh oooh

I wasn’t getting much out of life at all
I was scared to jump cause I was scared to fall
I used to think the world is pretty small
From the comfort of my room

Lately I’ve been hard to reach
Standing on this mountain peak
I learned that fear is just a false belief
That there’s nothing you can do

All those years of bad test scores
Still trying to figure out what I was studying for
But once you walk out that classroom door
Nobody tells you where you’re going

Seems like everyone I know
Is just an actor putting on a show
I hope one day I’m wise enough to know
That there’s no way of knowing

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Music video by Katie Pruitt performing Expectations. © 2019 Rounder Records., Distributed by Concord.