by on October 27, 2019

An Overview of The First Electric Car Ever Made

The first electric car was built in the 18th century and an Hungarian inventor installed his own electric motor to a vehicle. Later on there were many other scientists who made their own electric cars with different methodologies and some of these inventors used non rechargeable cells to power up their motors. Then in the mid and late 18th century the improvement in rechargeable batteries resulted growth of electric cars in the Europe. Some of these cars broke the barrier of speeding over 100 km per hour and more. These vehicles previously held records for traveling distances and speed until gasoline vehicles came in to the play.

Electric cars were mainly used by the upper class society back then because of its high cost. These vehicles saw its peak usage in between the time period of late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. These vehicles were easy to drive and it did not have complicated gears like in other vehicles.first electric car

But these cars could not retain its dominance when compared to fuel powered cars which run longer distances without having to refuel for short distances like the electric cars did. The cost was also higher compared to other types of cars like steam, gasoline powered cars and this also was a reason for the decline in its popularity.

Almost a century later the world is now looking back at electric powered cars and there are many reasons for that, primarily to reduce pollution.

Today these electric cars are equipped with advanced batteries and it is here to stay. In the near future everyone has to move over to alternate energy sources as the earth’s fossil fuel is diminishing everyday. Hats off to those inventors who put their valuable time inventing such an incredible vehicle which will again get back its glory for its clean and efficient transportation.

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