by on October 25, 2019

First Day of College

It was Paul's first day of college. He was excited. He had graduated high school a year early so he was a 17 year old Freshman. Paul was a popular boy in high school, with both the guys and girls. He sang, and was in theater and helped everyone with their homework. Paul's parents helped him move in to his dorm room. The halls were packed with people moving in so his parents did not stay too long, leaving Paul to finish unpacking and rearranging himself.

He picked a bed and started putting his clothes in the closet and dresser. He was thinking the whole time how much fun he was going to have here. He had heard rumors that this was a very liberal college and had heard stories of what went on here, of all the wild parties. His family had never let him have any REAL fun growing up, and if they knew what type of school this was they never would have agreed to let him attend. But they had heard it was very prestigious and agreed. As he thought about it, his cock started growing hard. He reached down and started rubbing himself through his shorts. Then his hand made its way down, down between his underwear until he touched the hardness. He felt his shaved balls, fondling them then reaching and touching his hard member that was poking out the top of his shorts.

Paul had been told several times that he had a great looking cock. It was long and straight, and he knew how to use it. He sat on his bed and rubbed himself, then, leaning back, pulled his shorts and underwear off. His cock lay on his stomach, moving with each breath. He sat there and watched it, He made it bounce a couple of time and then took it in his hand. He stroked it and slowly began to jack off. It swelled more in his hand as he pumped, the skin going over the tip of his cock. He leaned back as he played with himself, imagining being at a party where everyone was naked. He could feel the cum building up inside. He looked down and saw a drop of pre-cum on the tip. Taking his finger he wiped it and tasted it. He loved his own taste.

He lay back and was in his own world. Suddenly the door opened and two guys walked in. They saw him and quietly closed the door. The stood there and watched him and then made a noise. Paul sat up, trying to cover himself but it was pointless. He had been caught. The two newcomers stood there. "Hey. I'm Ted and this is Steve. What you doing?" Paul was quiet and embarrassed. "Hey, it's cool you know. Everyone does it. You got a great cock by the way." Paul realized that they had seen his cock. He looked at them and could tell they had hard-ons. They walked over to him and he reached up and touched them. Sure enough both had cocks hard as rocks. The undid their pants and slid them off. Paul helped each take their underwear off exposing the hottest, hardest, smoothest cocks he had seen in his short life. One stood straight and tall, the other was sticking straight out. He took them in his hands and started stroking them then took one in his mouth while jacking the other.

Then he switched. Their moans began to fill the room. Paul sucked long and hard, deep throating, kissing and licking until they both shot huge wads of cum down his throat. He stood up and the three of them kissed. Ted and Steve stroked each other as well as Paul. Then Ted took Paul, turned him around and pushed him on the bed, Paul's ass in the air. Steve crawled between Paul's legs, taking his cock in his mouth as Ted began ramming his long cock in Paul's hot ass. Paul had never been fucked before. Oh he had used dildos on himself but he had never been fucked by a hot guy before. He buried his face in his pillow so he wouldn't be so loud. He wasn't going to hold out long with a hot stud sucking his cock and another fucking his virgin ass. But it was long before Ted exploded deep inside of him. At the same time Paul released his juices down Steve's throat.

Steve crawled out from between his legs as Paul rolled over on to his back, smiling a huge smile. He reached down to his ass and stuck two fingers inside, feeling the cum. "Don't push it out just yet." Steve said. He and Ted kissed a long kiss and then stuck his cock inside of Paul. Ted's cum oozed out a bit and Steve took a little on his finger and fed it to Ted. The he began ramming his long hard-on inside of Paul, faster and faster. Ted got down on his knees and began to eat Steve's ass out, fingering it as well. In no time Steve unleashed another torrent of cum inside of Paul. He pulled out and Ted took Steve's cock in his mouth and sucked it, tasting his own juices as well as Steve's, and Paul's ass. Then they got down on their knees and told Paul to push their cum out so they could eat it. Paul did as he was asked and both hotties ate their own cum.

Afterwards they lay in bed together, kissing. Steve said "I think we're going to be great roommates." Ted wholey agreed. "We'll get all the cum we can eat from this naughty little boy. He's going to be our little fuck toy from now on. I think he'll look cute wearing some panties and bras for us around here." Paul's cock started getting hard again listening to this. They were going to make him their fuck toy and dress him in girls underwear! He couldn't believe it. He was so horny that he sucked both of them off again right then and there letting them take turns fucking him over and over again....